Office Technology

Digital X-rays

The use of a digital sensor, instead of traditional film, enables the capture of X-ray images directly to a computer, which can then be displayed on a screen. The sensors have rounded edges, eliminating discomfort patients often experience with traditional film, and the instant on screen image reduces chair time. Sharing radiographs via email is also an instant, reliable way to communicate between doctors. No film processing solutions are necessary, ultimately making digital radiographs more environmentally friendly.

Surgical Operating Microscopes

All treatment operatories are now equipped with state of the art operating microscopes, similar to those routinely used for inpatient neuro-surgical procedures. The enhanced magnification and illumination has been proven scientifically to increase the success rates of non-surgical procedures, by improving the ability to locate hidden or otherwise elusive canals, and facilitate negotiation of intra-canal obstructions. Improved crack location and depth assessment also affords a more reliable assessment of tooth restorability. It is also possible to capture images observed through the microscope.

Intra-Oral Microscope Camera

Microscope camera attachments allow for live images and videos to be captured through the microscope during procedures. These files are stored on our computers and can be digitally inserted into a patients file for future reference or shared with referring doctors. Videos and images taken often find their way into presentations given by our doctors. The ability to stream a live feed is also an excellent tool for interested individuals to see through the eyes of an endodontist.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

The latest endodontic software management system allows our practice to record patient information electronically, increasing the efficiency of patient registration, and improving data storage. It enables seamless integration of front desk and chair side information requirements. Paperless charting and storage also increases the ease of data retrieval should it be required for referring dentist communication. The security of confidential patient information is our utmost concern, resulting in the utilization of HIPAA compliant software and daily off-site data backup.


The use of these devices allows doctors to locate and treat otherwise difficult canals. The ultrasonic vibrates at a high frequency, emitting a minor hum, which helps break away calcified tooth structures that would otherwise prevent the doctor from effectively treating the tooth. It is also used during surgical procedures to improve canal preparation.

Nickel Titanium Files

These are a relatively new advancement in the instruments used to clean your canals, which assists our endodontists in treating even the most complicated cases. Ni-Ti files, as they are called, are a great asset as they are both flexible and strong, unlike traditional files that are either one or the other. Having both attributes allows the files to bend with the shape of the canals minimizing preparation errors and instrument breakage, without compromising the quality of treatment. It also significantly increases the efficiency of the procedure, decreasing time spent by patients in the chair.

Apex Locators

These electronic devices which can accurately determine the location of your root’s termination point. This device reduces the reliance on x-rays and reduces length-determination errors.