GentleWave® Ultracleaning Procedure

A Better Root Canal

Many people wince at the thought of having root canal therapy. But now, we are excited to share with you a new option for root canal treatment. With GentleWave® Ultracleaning Procedure patented technology, we can now give our patients a root canal procedure that is quicker, more reliable and more comfortable than ever before.

Less Chance of Reinfection

Because the root systems of teeth are so complex, it can be difficult to reach all areas with a traditional root canal, which utilizes a series of files to remove bacteria and diseased material. By contrast, the GentleWave® Ultracleaning Procedure uses multisonic energy and specialized fluids to reach every corner and crevice of the tooth for a more complete cleaning and less chance of reinfection.

How does the GentleWave® Ultracleaning Procedure work?

The GentleWave® Ultracleaning Procedure combines acoustic energy and optimized fluids to reach every part of the root system, including the interior porous surfaces, which can’t be thoroughly cleaned with endodontic files. With traditional root canal treatment, biofilm often remains, and can lead to a reinfection of the roots within weeks. However, with the GentleWave® Ultracleaning Procedure, all of the biofilm is removed in a single session so there is little risk of a second infection.

Benefits of GentleWave® Ultracleaning Procedure

  • Comfortable: Because it is less invasive than files, it is also much more comfortable.
  • One-Treatment Procedure: The process is so effective; it is usually done in just one visit. (Traditional root canal therapy often requires two visits.)
  • Healthier Teeth: The process leaves more of your healthy tooth in tact.
  • A Cleaner Clean: The combination of fluids and ultrasonic waves ensures a deeper cleaning in areas where bacteria can hide from endodontic files.

What is Multisonic Ultracleaning™?

Traditional ultrasound wavelength technology relies on a single wavelength. With Multisonic Ultracleaning™, however, multiple frequencies are used at the same time and combined with special fluids to deliver the deepest clean.

If you are facing root canal treatment and are looking for an easier, more effective way, give us a call at Houston Office Phone Number 713-795-0208. With the GentleWave® Ultracleaning Procedure, a better root canal is just one appointment away!