Intentional Replantation

This is defined as the purposeful extraction of a tooth in order to perform an extra-oral (out of the mouth) root canal treatment. This treatment can involve the sealing of the root ends and/or repairing defects in the crown or root(s).

The procedure is carried out in the dental office in association with an oral surgeon who extracts the tooth. The repair and resealing is then done by the Endodontist. The tooth is out of the mouth for 5-15 minutes. Once the extra oral procedure has been completed, the tooth is re-inserted into the socket. If there is a pre-existing abscess, the oral surgeon will remove the infected tissue before the replantation. The tooth rarely requires any splinting to maintain stability.

Following the completion of the procedure, it is necessary to maintain pressure on the tooth for the rest of the day to prevent the tooth from moving in the socket. Any prescribed medicine should be taken as indicated. A specific mouth rinse (Peridex) is often used for 1-2 weeks.

The post-operative pain is usually moderate for most cases, however, in rare instances it can be severe. This is usually well controlled by prescription pain medication. This period of discomfort is generally 2-3 days, but on rare occasions can continue in a milder form for 1-2 weeks.

The tooth will be examined over the next few years to check the success of the procedure. The first three years are critical and if there is no sign of root resorption during this time, the tooth has an excellent long-term prognosis.